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Disneyland is “In Limbo,” Disneyland President Continues Public Outcry to Get Guidance From Governor Newsom

There have been many people trying to reach out to these last few weeks to try and get some answers from California Governor Gavin Newson to see when Disneyland and other theme parks will get some guidance on when they can reopen. Disneyland president Ken Potrock has come out and said that Disneyland was disappointed with the lack of progress from Governor Newsom. Here is his statement to the OC Register.

Without those guidelines, we’re quite honestly in limbo. We are ready to open responsibly, it is the time to open responsibly and it’s important to open responsibly.

We’ve been waiting for guidelines from the governor’s office. We’ve made many, many, many recommendations as to what those protocols should be. We’ve offered to help with guidance so that we can get to a place that would be reasonable for us to open. Unfortunately we haven’t received that guidance.

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We continue to read things from the governor’s office and press clippings that talk about guidance is imminent and coming soon and we’re really, really close. I hope that’s true.

I was walking the streets of Anaheim earlier this week and unfortunately it’s a ghost town. The same thing could be said for many of the surrounding towns as well. There’s just no one there. It’s just so incredibly heart wrenching.

The governor used the term ‘negotiating’ with the amusement park industry in one of his quotes and I hope it’s not a negotiation. I hope it’s a good collaboration and that’s what we’re attempting to achieve.

I would challenge you to find any other industry that is doing what we’re doing to open safely. We’re not asking to be treated differently. We’re asking to be treated equitably based upon what we believe we bring to the table.

Stick with us here at The Disinsider as the battle to reopen Disneyland is obviously heating up .

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