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‘The Mandalorian’ Spin-Off Begins Casting

With the second season of The Mandalorian hitting its halfway point today and production on a third season well under way, it should come as no surprise that a spin-off is in the works as well.

Just last month, there were rumors of a Cara Dune/Bo-Katan show in development, but speculation of a series revolving around Boba Fett seems to have gained even more traction recently.

Regardless of the series focus, it’s undoubtedly in development and according to The Direct, not one but, two actors have are already in negotiations to star.

The first actor is Jordan Bolger, most known for his roles on Peaky Blinders and The 100. He’s up for the role of Skad, a supporting character in the series.

The cast of Peaky Blinders, with Bolger on the far left.

The second is actress Sophie Thatcher, most known for her roles on The Exorcist (the series) and Chicago Med. She’s up for the role of Drash, another supporter character in the series. Interestingly enough Thatcher has actually worked with The Mandalorian himself, starring alongside Pedro Pascal in the 2018 sci-fi film The Prospect.

While little else is known about their characters, The Direct points out that they will both be a part of some street crew that will be pivotal to the show’s plot.

As mentioned before, it’s still unclear who or what will be the main focus of the new series, but I think we can all agree that it’s exciting to see the galaxy far, far away continue to expand.

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