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Coins Tossed into Fountains at Disney World in 2020 Were Donated to a Local Charity

In a year filled with closed and limited capacity parks, cast member layoffs, and shuttered live entertainment, a silver lining was found and it was at the bottom of Walt Disney World’s many wishing wells and fountains. The annual tradition of collecting and donating the money tossed by guests into the theme park’s wishing wells continued, even during one of the worst fiscal years on record.

Walt Disney World has collected about $20,000 worth of coins from these wishing wells for the year 2020, a surprisingly large amount for a year that saw a fraction of the visitors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Disney will be donating the money to a Central Florida Charity, as they do every year. This year they’ve chosen the charity Coalition, the largest homeless advocacy organization for Central Florida.

In a year full of widespread sickness, death, layoffs, racial strife, economic collapse, and political divisiveness at a level unseen in modern times, this small bit of tradition continuing to carry on is small ray of light in a dark world that longs to see again.

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