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Pixar Content Announced and Discussed at Investor Day: A Guide

At the Disney Investor Day today we got a slew of new content announced, Pixar included.

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As already announced, Pixar will be releasing its next feature film Soul directly to Disney+ on December 25. In addition to this, it was announced today that a new SparkShort will be joining this release on the same day. Titled Burrow, it will follow a “young rabbit trying to build the home of her dreams”

More shorts were also announced for the beginning of 2021. These “Pixar Popcorn” shorts are described as bite-sized stories that revolve around familiar Pixar characters. Some of these include stories from the worlds of Cars, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. These will debut on Disney+ in January.

There are three new Pixar animated series coming to Disney+ over the next couple of years. The first one is Dug Days, which focuses on the character from the film of Up. This will debut in fall of 2021.

Three New Pixar Series Coming to Disney+, Including Dug Days – /Film

The second series will be set in the world of Cars. Following Lightning McQueen and Mater, we will follow them as they take a road trip across the country. This will hit Disney+ in the fall of 2022.

a red racecar flashes a bug-splattered grin

The third series is completely original. Titled Win or Lose, the concept was inspired by meetings that took place while working on Toy Story 4. This series will follow a middle school softball teams as they prepare for a major game. Each episode will follow the perspective of a different character. This will come to Disney+ in the fall of 2023.

As for theatrical films, Luca will hit theaters in June of 2021. It is about a boy named Luca and his friend Alberto over the course of an “unforgettable summer”. This film has been previously announced.

The next theatrical film had not been previously released. Titled Turning Red, it will be directed by Domee Shi, director of Pixar short Bao. It will center around a girl named Mei who, when she gets excited, turns into a giant red panda. This will come to theaters on March 11, 2022.

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The last of the new movies announced will be an epic film following the adventures of beloved character Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise. Rather than being a spin-off, Lightyear is described as being the movie that inspired the action figure. He will be voiced by Chris Evans, replacing Tim Allen who has voiced the character previously.

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Interestingly, not discussed was Monsters at Work, a previously announced series for Disney+. It is unknown if this has been cancelled or merely put on the back burner for now.

Stay tuned for most details on Pixar and other properties here at The DisInsider.

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