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Johnny Depp Will Not Return as Captain Jack Sparrow in Future ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Movies

In a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, they have learned that Disney has ultimately blocked Johnny Depp from making a returning cameo appearance to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

According to the trade, Disney made the decision to distance themselves from Depp before his ‘wife beater’ libel trial in the UK, despite never formally severing ties. Disney ‘balked’ at executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s idea of bringing back Depp for a cameo in the female-centric spin-off of the franchise, rumored to be led by Margot Robbie (The Suicide Squad).

THR goes on to say that Bruckheimer, who has worked with Depp on multiple project at Disney and other studios, has been one of Depp’s “biggest champions.” However, despite his efforts to get Depp to return to the franchise, Disney said no and his relationship with the actor is said have “frayed” in recent months.

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Listen I may be in the minority, but I think it was Depp’s time to get away from this franchise. Sparrow was a character that was used properly in the first movie, a supporting character that played off the main characters well, but was the driving force to an overall story, and ultimately earned Depp an Academy Award nomination. Sadly, Disney made the pivot to make Sparrow the main character and while I think it worked for Pirates 2 and 3, Sparrow become a slapstick character that tired really quickly, and I think it showed with the quality of Pirates 4 and 5, which I personally enjoyed.

Like I said, I know I may be in the minority, as there have already been multiple petitions signed by more than a million fans online, that have demanded Depp be reinstated in his role as Sparrow. I don’t need to go into all the details on the Depp Heard stuff here, I’m sure you can find that info elsewhere.

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