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Marvel Studios Casting Two Mayan Characters For ‘Black Panther 2’

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, so does its roster of characters. While just yesterday it was announced that Zawe Ashton would be joining the cast of Captain Marvel 2, today we have word that another upcoming project is looking to cast two more mystery roles.

According to the website POC Culture, Marvel Studios seems to be looking to cast two people to play two Mayan characters in something that’s supposed to be filming soon; however the site neglects to say which project exactly.

Thanks to the super sleuths at Murphy’s Multiverse though, it has been strongly hypothesized that the project is Black Panther 2, specifically because the timing of the casting matches up with the film’s projected start date.

The two characters are a female named “Zyanya” and a male named “Cadmael”. Zyanya is described as a fierce warrior, and the character breakdown suggests the actress should have a strong background in fighting and dance. For Cadmael, the studio is looking for someone at least 6 feet tall, and the character is described as both strong and loyal. In addition to people of Mayan decent, the casting call is also open to North and South American actors of indigenous decent.

Now, it should be noted that in the comic books there are no characters with these two names, so it’s highly likely these are codenames. Given that there aren’t too many Mayan characters in the comics either, there is a chance that these could be brand new characters altogether.

If these characters do show up in the Black Panther sequel, it’d be interesting to see how they’re connected to Wakanda. With rumors of Namor and Atlantis playing a role in the film too, their appearance could just be an indication that several new cultures will explored. We’ll just have to see.

Sources: POC Culture, Murphy’s Multiverse

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