The Force Is Still With Him: Rian Johnson’s Trilogy Still Happening

With so much other Star Wars content being developed for both Disney+ and the big screen, Rian Johnson’s formerly announced original trilogy had kind of become an afterthought for fans. Truthfully, after Disney Investor Day it looked like the films weren’t going to happen at all.

However, in a yet to be released exclusive interview with USA Today, Johnson seems to have confirmed that his trilogy will still happen.

While it’s not entirely clear why Johnson was being interviewed, writer/reporter Sariah Wilson couldn’t help but ask him about the ominous project.

She didnt’t disclose his full answer – as of this time the full interview is being edited and transcribed – however, she did take to Twitter to summarize all of what she was told. You can see the full tweet below.

So there you have it: “No dates or timelines…but it is still happening.”

Currently Johnson’s only entry in the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, is arguably the most divisive film among fans and critics alike. However, he’s obviously done something right if he’s been given the chance to come back and create three more films set within the galaxy far, far away.

Source: The Direct, USA Today

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