New Casting Details Allude To Blue Marvel’s MCU Debut In ‘Captain Marvel 2’

While we’re still more than a year away from Captain Marvel 2, preproduction for the film is well underway, and that includes casting. Just a few weeks ago it was announced that Zawe Ashton would be joining the already mentioned Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, and Iman Vellani in an undisclosed role. Now, even more casting details have emerged!

According to the news site GWW, there’s a current casting call for a male, between the ages 20-30, to play a supporting role in the film. While there is no race specified for the character, it does specifically state that the studio is looking for a Michael B. Jordan or John Boyega type.

Given all that information, it seems as if the studio could potentially be looking to cast Adam Brashear a.k.a Blue Marvel. Now, it’s important to note that this is clear speculation on our part; however given the history that the character has with Monica Rambeau it would make the most sense.

Many fans actually theorized that the character would appear in WandaVision as the mysterious engineer Rambeau mentioned in Episode 4. So far, that engineer has not been revealed, but if the studio is planning to introduce the character in the next Captain Marvel, it’s unlikely he’ll show up at all on the show.

Blue Marvel debuted as a Marvel Comics character in 2008’s Adam: The Legend of Blue Marvel. After fighting in the Korean War, Dr. Adam Brashear went on to oversee the creation of anti-matter reactor. After an unforeseen explosion though, he inherited superhuman abilities.

Interestingly enough both Jordan and Boyega are listed as prototypes for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Superman reboot too.

Being that Jordan has already been cast as Killmonger in the MCU, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Boyega follow suit. The relationship with Disney already exists following his appearances in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. While many thought he and Oscar Isaac left the company on bad terms, that theory has been seemingly disproven by the fact that Isaac will star in the the forthcoming Moon Knight series for Disney+.

Source: GWW

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  • JiinxDedpool March 5, 2021

    This is bad speculation. Part of what makes the character great is his backstory and comeback. It’d be a disservice bringing in someone so young for the role of Adam Brashear. You need someone like Dennis Haysbert, or Morris Chestnut to fill that role. No one under 50!

    • Skyler Shuler March 8, 2021

      Not speculation, the younger names are a part of an official grid, we have no control over that.

  • Brian Daniel March 8, 2021

    I mean the speculation that they are aiming to have them be Blue Marvel, as that would be a hell of rewrite of the character. The idea of him being introduced in WandaVision worked but didn’t pan out, but this just feels like reaching just because of the DC announcement.

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