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Disney+ Could Have Interactive Features in the Future

As streaming services continue to expand, companies are looking for new ways to engage users with their content.

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One upcoming method would be adding video game interactivity to their services. A new Disney patent, called “Cloud-based Image Rendering for Video Stream Enrichment”, is currently in the application process and would do just that.

This innovative interactivity would be incorporated within streaming services, such as Disney+, and personalized based on the interests of the user. Games, quizzes, and polls are possibilities, to name a few. However, for this to happen, major changes in code and software would need to take place first.

The science behind this is somewhat complicated and the patent is looking to change the way interactive content is utilized moving forward. The patent application explains it like this:

“For example, where video stream (130) is a broadcast of a sporting event, and one of user profiles (124a-124c) corresponding to a user of one of non-interactive video player(s) (120) includes data identifying a favorite team of that user, team colors and/or a team logo may be included in lightly enhanced video stream (142) as basic graphical overlays.”

We will see what the future of this patent brings- but it is hard to deny the impact this could have on Disney+, not to mention the rest of the streaming world.

Source: WDWNT

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