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Walt Disney Co Employees Head Back To The Office Starting July 5th

After a year full of lockdowns and zoom calls, there is some normalcy on the horizon for Walt Disney Company employees. While the domestic theme parks are all at some stage of a phased reopening, the latest news concerns those who work at the Walt Disney Company in their US offices.

According to an internal video memo, Walt Disney Co employees will begin returning to their offices after the July 4th weekend. While the initial return will include only a fraction of staffers, the number of employees returning to the office will increase assuming covid-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations continue to fall.

It is unclear what safety precautions will be enacted prior to employees returning, but one should assume they will be extensive, if their theme park measures are any indication. 

With the reduced costs associated with virtual meetings, compared to owning or leasing commercial real estate, no one expects offices across the country will ever resemble what they did prior to the pandemic. It is the beginning of a new normal and Disney appears to show a desire to have at least some of their workforce back in the office.

We will continue to follow this story and keep you posted.

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