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A Video Game Revolving Around ‘The Mandalorian’ Is Reportedly In Development

With so much Star Wars content slated for the next few years, it appears that fans now have one more reason to be excited.

According to video game industry insider Nick Baker, a Star Wars game revolving around The Mandalorian is currently in active development. In a post that’s since been deleted, he dropped the scoop Tuesday evening on Twitter.

Now, he didn’t delete the post because he believed he was wrong, but out of fear that he may jumped the gun. In a series of tweets following the initial one, he goes on to say that he hadn’t received the “OK” to drop the scoop just yet. You can check them out down below:

Now obviously there is no further information about this game in development, but it does open the floodgates for some massive speculation. Will it follow the same format as the Battlefront games, or the more recent Fallen Order? Will it be more of a RPG in the vein of World of Warcraft? How fun would it be if it were an open world type of game akin to Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption?

The popular Battle Royale game Fortnite recently featured Din Djarin as a playable skin (with Baby Yoda as a back bling), so for the foreseeable future that might be the closest thing Star Wars fans have to playing him on console.

Source: Nick Baker

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