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Disney to Close UK & Irish Fox Channels

With Disney+ continuing to gain more dominance in the streaming world, Disney has closed a number of their broadcast channels, including Disney Channel UK, the second oldest Disney Channel globally, running from October 1st 1995, to September 30th 2020. And they’re not stopping there.

Since the introduction of the Star tile in February, Disney+ has been more welcoming to adults who were craving a little something more than a typical Disney service filled with entertainment suitable for families. Since Star’s introduction, their catalogue has grown exponentially with movies and shows like Nomadland, Alien, and many Hulu Originals becoming available to British and Irish subscribers.

The Walking Dead will likely move to Disney+ in the UK & Ireland.

Now, it has been announced that the FOX channel (which is broadcast in both the UK & Ireland) will close down on June 30th, 2021, and much of its catalogue will shift over to Disney+ where it will become available under the Star tile. While it hasn’t been announced exactly which content will be available, we can expect programmes like American Horror Story, The War of the Worlds, and The Walking Dead to be among those available since they are now left without a broadcaster.

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