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John Boyega Open To Future ‘Star Wars’ Projects

Despite previous public comments stating that he had moved on from Star Wars, John Boyega might actually be open to returning to a galaxy far, far away after all…at least according to a newly resurfaced interview with YouTuber Jake Hamilton.

In the 2020 interview, when asked about the possibility of coming back to play Finn in a future Star Wars project, Boyega said, “I am open to the conversation as long as it is Kathleen, J.J., and maybe someone else and the team. It’s a no-brainer.”

There was a caveat though. As previously mentioned, Boyega has been very vocal about the way in which his character was handled in the sequel trilogy. “This time,” he says, “I’d be a bit more adamant about story.” He followed up by saying:

“I think everyone would. I think even Oscar, even Daisy. I think everybody would be kind of like ‘If we are going to come back, hopefully the story is worth us coming back.’ [Either that] Or maybe, perhaps, some new characters that we help.”

This week, in an exclusive interview with Collider, J.J. Abrams validated Boyega’s issues with the sequel trilogy by confirming that it would have benefitted from a proper roadmap. He said, “you have to plan things as best you can…there’s nothing more important than knowing where you’re going.”

While it might be too late to correct any issues with the sequel trilogy, it is refreshing to know that there’s always hope we may see our heroes return and redeem themselves.

If you have any problems believing that Boyega would return to reprise his previous, look no further than last week’s report of him signing on to appear in a sequel to his first hit film, Attack the Block. Never say never.

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