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Audiences Give Disney’s ‘Cruella’ A Near Perfect Rating

The Disney live-action feature film Cruella, starring Emma Stone, was released this weekend in both theaters and on Disney+ with premier access. There is no doubt that critics loved the film, as the movie currently has a 73% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but will the audiences feel the same way? The answer appears to be a clear YES.

According to the audience polling firm CinemaScore, a service that polls audience’s reaction to new films during their opening weekend, Cruella scored a near perfect ‘A’ using their A-F grading scale. This is great news for Disney and bodes well for the longterm success of Cruella. The film will come in second place this weekend in terms of box office totals, behind Paramounts A Quiet Place 2, due to the fact that Disney is offering the film in both theaters and on Disney+, where A Quiet Place 2 is only available in theaters.

Here is CinemaScore’s announcement for Cruella:

Audiences loved ‘Cruella’ according to market research film CinemaScore

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