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Forest Whitaker To Return As Saw Gerrera In ‘Andor’

Andor, another one of Disney’s many planned Star Wars spin-offs, has been knee-deep in production for a while now. Even though we all know how its titular character’s life will end doesn’t mean there won’t be any room for surprises; today’s news proves that.

According to a recent interview between Stellan Skarsgård and the Swedish radio station Sverige Radio, it appears that Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera will appear in the series. The interview was unearthed by Reddit user aprentize on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit.

In it, Skarsgård, whose been previously confirmed as a cast member, accidentally let it slip. More specifically he said he shared a couple of “juicy scenes,” with the Academy Award winning actor. Industry insider Daniel RPK also confirmed the news in a post on his Patreon Thursday. Interestingly enough, we still have no clue who Skarsgård will play.

Even though Gerrera was first introduced canonically in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, Whitaker previously played the live action version of the character in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While he may have met a similar fate to every other character, that has not prevented the franchise from still keeping him around. Currently Gerrera can be seen on The Bad Batch, though he’s voiced by Andrew Kishino.

Aside from the fact that the series will take place before the events of Rogue One, not much else is known Andor. Seeing as how Andor didn’t meet Gerrera until the events of Rogue One, it’s doubtful that the two will interact.

In addition to Diego Luna, Skarsgård, and Whitaker, the series will also star Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller, and Genevieve O’Rielly reprising her role as Mon Mothma.

As of right now Andor slated to drop on Disney+ in July of 2022.

Source: Sverige Radio, Daniel RPK

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