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The Next ‘Predator’ Film Will Possibly Be A Hulu Exclusive

It’s no secret that Disney’s still struggling to stack its streaming platforms with original content. If last year’s Disney Investor Day taught us anything though, it’s that the best is yet to come for Disney+ and Hulu. Now, there’s even a rumor that the latter just might inherit a major motion picture franchise.

According to the Alien and Predator themed news site AvP Galaxy, it looks like the next Predator film will be released exclusively on Hulu. This info was unearthed as a result of a legal dispute the writers of the original film are facing in an attempt to maintain the rights of the franchise. More specifically, while arguing for the writers to maintain ownership of their intellectual property, lawyer Marc Toberoff (of Toberoff & Associates) indicated the film was going to be distributed by Hulu.

The Hollywood Reporter also let the news slip during a late night livestream Thursday evening.

Seeing as how none of this has been confirmed by Disney this info should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since the company can always change its mind later on. Being that the franchise is so popular, this move would certainly come as a surprise. However, it also makes sense since FX is currently developing an Alien TV series that will also inevitably go to Hulu.

The next Predator film, which is currently shooting under the working title Skulls, will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane). Amber Midthunder (Legion) will star, and unlike previous films , this one will reportedly take place in the past.

Sources: AvP Galaxy, THR

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