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Exclusive: Disney+ Survey Hints at a Potential Luca Sequel

Luca may have only been released under two weeks ago, but Pixar’s latest film has proven to be a hit with audiences and critics alike, with an impressive 88% audience score and a cushty 90% score with critics. It’s been such a critical hit that Disney might already be considering expanding the Luca universe.

Mo from StreamrNews has kindly forwarded me information from his source regarding a Luca survey sent out by Disney+. While I’ve been asked not to share the screenshots, I can tell you the questions asked.

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  • “Have you heard of the Disney+ original movie Luca?”
  • “To the best of your knowledge, how likely would each household member below be to watch another movie involving the characters and world of Luca if it became available?”
  • “If Luca had been available to see in a normal and safe theatrical environment, how interested would you have been to see Luca in the cinema?”

While surveys aren’t completely unusual for Disney to send out, it is interesting to see them openly ask if viewers would watch another movie involving the characters and world of Luca. Whether another film is in development is still unknown, but this does somewhat confirm that Disney is happy with the reception Luca has received.

The third question also indicates that this “additional movie” could skip Disney+ and instead receive a traditional cinema release. Luca was originally scheduled for cinemas with a June 18th, 2021 release in the US, but was pulled and instead made a Disney+ Original Movie while still retaining a cinema release in markets where Disney+ is not yet available. Considering that Pixar employees were not happy with two of their movies skipping theatres (and also Priemere Access), it’s not too surprising to see that Disney might consider releasing a sequel in cinemas.

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