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Marvel Studios Ditching This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con@Home

It seems like it’s been forever since we last saw Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios grace the Hall H stage at San Diego Comic Con, but now it appears that we’ll just have to continue to wait.

According to Deadline, for a second year in a row, the studio does not have plans to attend San Diego Comic-Con@Home. Interestingly enough, they are not alone, as Warner Bros.’ DC Films also has no intention of participating.

Now, the series of portable panels known as Comic-Con@Home were launched last year as a semi-acceptable alternative to the usual in-person festive mayhem in the wake of the pandemic. While they might not have garnered the annual buzz the convention is known for, there were still some small gems released…arguably.

What might have seemed like a temporary move from Disney at the time looks like more of a permanent powerplay now, partly because of its massively successful Investor Days. The same can be said about Warner Bros. and its DC FanDome.

Both events have not only allowed anticipation and speculation to build, but they also occurred on the company’s own time. Comic-Con always needed Marvel and DC; it was never the other way around.

By creating and hosting its own event though, Disney has regained full control over its projects and now has the license to maximize the secrecy surrounding them. While that secrecy has begun to drive some fans to madness, it’s also the very thing that keeps them coming back for more.

Does this spell trouble for SDCC? Probably not; however, Disney Investor Days are free…for now anyway.

Source: Deadline

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