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A Rocket Raccoon Cameo Got Cut From ‘Loki’

With each passing day we seem to learn more and more about Marvel’s latest Disney+ series Loki. Two weeks ago we found out that Chris Hemsworth voiced Throg. Just last week we discovered that Jonathan Majors provided the voices for all three Time Keepers. Today, we bring word that a variant of another beloved MCU character almost appeared in the show too. That character is Rocket Raccoon.

In the latest episode of Marvel Studios’ Assembled series, which is supposed to act as an in-depth exploration into each Disney+ series, we get a firsthand look at a bunch of ideas that were left on the cutting room floor for Loki.

One of those ideas was for a Rocket Raccoon cameo, although it obviously wouldn’t be with the “trash panda” we all know and love. Instead, as concept art reveals, it would have been a variant similar to several of the ones we get introduced.

You can see for yourself down below:

Now, it appears that the plan was to have Loki bump into the character and a slew of others while awaiting his hearing at the TVA. As we now know, in the final product he only ever ran into one other variant before his initial meeting with Renslayer. That variant acted as an example for Loki to see what “pruning” is.

Even though we never got to see the two characters interact – this would have been the very first time the two crossed paths – it’s not like the lack of Rocket’s appearance hurt the show. It just goes to prove that even in a series as ambitious as Loki, Kevin Feige, Kate Herron, and Michael Waldron wanted to take the show even further.

You can check out this full episode of Assembled regarding Loki on Disney+ now.

Source: Disney+, MCU Direct

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