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Vincent D’Onofrio Rumored To Reprise Role Of Kingpin In ‘Hawkeye’

Following the discontinuation of Netflix’s Marvel series, it seemed unlikely that fans would see any of the characters introduced again anytime soon. Even as the rights reverted back to Disney over the past few years, the future seemed uncertain.

That is until last year, when details began pouring in about (the then untitled sequel now known as) Spider-Man: No Way Home. Since production started, several rumors and unconfirmed reports have surfaced on the web, including one about Charlie Cox reprising his role as Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil in the film.

While it is still unclear if he’ll appear, we bring you news today that he might not be the only character from a Netflix series rumored to show up in the MCU.

According to a Reddit post from a moderator of the subreddit r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers, Vincent D’Onofrio will return too. More specifically, he’s expected to appear in the forthcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye. For those who don’t know (or don’t remember), D’Onofrio played Wilson Fisk a.k.a Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil alongside Cox.

Additionally, the moderator states that Cox’s Daredevil was supposed to appear as well, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Daredevil and Kingpin’s appearances are speculated to be connected to another character allegedly set to make her debut in the show, Echo. In the comics, she’s heavily associated with both of them.

Crediting verified sources, the post also mentioned that Hawkeye is expected to drop in November. The idea is to apparently have Kingpin’s arrival coincide with Daredevil’s in No Way Home when the film arrives in December.

Because nothing has been officially unconfirmed, we highly encourage everyone to take this information with a grain of salt. Even if some of it is true, anything can change.

So far the only actor from Netflix’s Marvel series that has been cast in the MCU in a prominent role is Mahershala Ali. He previously played Cottonmouth on Luke Cage, but is slated to star in the upcoming revamp of Blade. Because of that, it’s unclear what the rules are of this Netflix to Marvel transition.

Should this rumor be true, will we see all of the heroes (and villains) from that corner reappear? With Loki cracking the Multiverse wide open, anything is possible. However, we’ll all just have to see.

Hawkeye was recently promised to premiere later this year by Marvel’s very own Executive Vice President of Film Production Victoria Alonso. A formal date has yet to be announced though.

Source: r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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