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Disney Archives Welcomes Star Wars Props, Costumes

BB8, Star Wars

Image: Lucasfilm, says a full-sized X-wing is part of the collection coming to Burbank….

Archives. “Arrrrrchives.” When you hear the word, one imagines the echoing warehouse from a particular Lucasfilm franchise.

However, there are few parallels (despite the photographic similarities, see below) between the assemblage of the government warehouse of Raiders of the Lost Ark (later revealed to be Area 51 in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) and the actual Walt Disney Archives.

Image: Lucasfilm

Meanwhile, I can vouch for this fact: There are, in fact, “top [people]” handling every item in the Disney Archives very, very carefully.

When I was a visitor, The Walt Disney Archives featured The Haunted Mansion. Image: John Bishop.

Star Wars Comes to Burbank

Moreover, first and foremost among the group welcoming over 3000 Star Wars props and costumes to the archives will be Madlyn Moskowitz – Lucasfilm collections and exhibitions archivist.

Moskowitz acknowledged the exciting announcement on her Twitter feed with an ancient emoticon worthy of an archivist:

And, as an aside, in 2019 Moskowitz was a guest on the late, great “The Star Wars Show”; there, Madlyn showed off some of the best stuff from The Rise of Skywalker.

But I digress.

It says here in that

Moskowitz. Image:

Keeping track of this otherworldly collection and making sure it safely arrives at its new home at the Walt Disney Archives is not an easy task. And with Dok-Ondar busy tending to his own collectibles and creatures in his Den of Antiquities at Black Spire Outpost (part of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts), the job of overseeing this collection transition falls on Madlyn Moskowitz, the Lucasfilm collections & exhibitions archivist. As custodian of the stolen plans, er… Star Wars props, artifacts, and costumes, Moskowitz is herself also making the journey from a galaxy far, far away to join the Walt Disney Archives.

“I’m very excited to join,” Moskowitz told of the move to the greater Los Angeles area. “I’ll be part of the research team… I’ll be a good point of contact for all things Lucasfilm.”

Speaking of “all things,” asked Moskowitz how archivists choose what items are saved and which are destined for the round file.

“In deciding what items we collect and preserve, we want to represent the creative process and the story itself,” said Moskowitz, who recently presented the talk, “Preserving Lucasfilm’s Collection with Archivist Madlyn Moskowitz” at The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Oh, and what a story these items (and Moskowitz) have to tell.

Finally, read the whole article over at, and check out all the photos from the new collection.

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