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The Mandalorian: Will The Armorer Return?

The Armorer, Star Wars

Image: Disney+

Armorer actor Emily Swallow kept her status close to the chest plate….

I almost missed this note from “Dragon Con” where a Star Wars actor’s non-answer in Atlanta might be pretty telling.

It seems that Emily Swallow, the woman behind the Mandalorian helmet of The Armorer, did her best to keep from giving the YouTubers at bay. However, even as she dodged questions about her character’s future she may have “let slip.”

The Armorer, The Mandalorian
Image: Disney+

The Direct was at Dragon Con and quoted Swallow saying, “I can neither confirm, nor deny,” regarding a possible return to the series.

To wit, she even joked “Season 3 of what?” when asked about the possibility of seeing The Armorer in Season 3 of The Mandalorian.

However, and as noted by The Direct, it was Swallow’s answer to whether there would be any repercussions for someone running afoul of “The Way.”

“Interesting question. I’m trying to figure out what I can say,” she told the audience at the con. “I would imagine that there has to be some sort of punishment, and I hope there would be redemption.

“I think there has to be redemption because I think there’s always redemption in Star Wars.”


Informed Speculation

So, let the speculation begin.

Bespin Bulletin astutely acknowledged:

The Armorer
Image: Lucasfilm

Din coming into contact with other Mandalorian’s, learning what being a Mandalorian means to them and what the armour can represent along with learning he’s part of a cult is perfect set up for character growth and conflict going into the third season, and I believe the addition of The Armorer, who served as a mentor figure to Djarin, would only add to this plot point.

Meanwhile, The Direct noted:

One has to imagine that The Armorer, then, would find her way back into the narrative. Perhaps Mando seeks her out, looking for trusted Mandalorian allies that follow his creed. This would certainly make Swallow’s general comments about penance more interesting, as Din broke the creed twice in Season 2. With Bo-Katan wanting the Darksaber and a likely conflict between her and Mando brewing over leadership, dropping this on The Armorer would be a good way to alienate the main hero from his former mentor.

Image: Lucasfilm

Uninformed Speculation

From my end, all of that seems well and good. Plausible. But how about one from the whammy bin: What if The Armorer is Omega.

What if, following what one has to be an awful end for her brothers in Clone Force 99, Omega dropped out to create a new band of brothers; what if Boba Fett’s sister meets her bounty hunter brother?

Uninformed speculation at its best, but hey, geeking out makes the time between here and the weekend and a trip to the comic shop seem that much quicker! No?

This is the way (of course)!

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