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Donald Glover Drops Teaser For Third Season Of ‘Atlanta’

Donald Glover rarely uses Twitter, but when he does he breaks the internet.

That’s exactly what happened Sunday evening when the Grammy and Emmy-winning artist took to the social media site to ominously post the URL for the site Gilga.com.

Not much can be seen now, except for the vague outline of what looks like a door; however, almost immediately after Glover posted the link users who accessed the site were able to see a teaser for the third season of Atlanta.

Now Glover is notorious for using websites as an outlet for temporary bliss as he leaked his album 3.15.20 a week before release and then subsequently took it down.

If you missed the teaser and still want to see it, fortunately one brave soul was able to rip it and reupload it to YouTube where it’s still currently accessible. You can check out the link below (until you can’t).

Additionally, Glover posted some tweets discussing how his show has been unfairly compared to Lil Dicky’s softer version, Dave.

While the latter just finished its second season, the teaser to the former’s third season confirms that it will finally come in 2022. That’s after a nearly-four-year hiatus.

We hope to have more info soon.

SOURCE: Donald Glover

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