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Explore Magic Kingdom in Minecraft

Minecraft, Walt Disney World

Image: Disney

Just try to pry your kids away from screens now!

Starting on November 16, the immensely popular MMO Minecraft allowed players to travel to Central Florida and visit Disney World. All without leaving their gaming chairs.

Now available via a downloadable content pack, Magic Kingdom park looks just as impressive in “8-bit” graphics.

Do You Think Steve Wears Mickey Ears?

Allison Citino of Disney Parks Blog gave the full download:

There is a new and exciting way to experience the magic of Walt Disney World and celebrate the 50th Anniversary! The new Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure downloadable content pack is coming to Minecraft today! Replicating the beloved theme park in Orlando, Florida this map is a recreation of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park! This pack is filled to the brim with familiar Disney and Pixar characters and iconic attractions. With 25 character skins to choose from, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in their Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary fashions, and special in-game merchandise, you can celebrate the anniversary in style!

Beyond the description, DPB also provided some fantastic looks at the new content.

The Magic Kingdom Comes to Minecraft

The Haunted Mansion is this writer’s favorite above. However, the images seem only to scratch the surface.

“Explore Magic Kingdom Park alone or take a ride with friends as you experience endless enchantment throughout six themed lands and twenty classic attractions,” explained Citino. “Seek out thrill coasters like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain or visit classics like Jungle Cruise, or ‘it’s a small world,’ each complete with accompanying theme park music.

“Compete with your friends for the highest score as you ride through Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin or make yourself dizzy at the Mad Tea Party.”

No word on whether “Genie” is necessary as you traverse the online version of Walt Disney World; however, in true Disney fashion, you do need to pony up for the new point of view.

DPB noted Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure DLC Pack is available through the Minecraft Marketplace. The skin requires Minecraft Bedrock Edition, sold separately. Online multiplayer on consoles requires a separate multiplayer subscription, too.

But hey, you’re a Disney fan, so pay to play is part of the deal. Thankfully, it does seem that the lines are a little shorter online.

Check out the video:

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