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Shang-Chi’s Best Breakdown Comes from San Francisco Bus Operator

Mack,” a bus driver from the SFMTA, created a legendary Twitter thread…

This is what Twitter was created for. An actual Muni (San Francisco public transit) bus driver broke down the entire bus fight scene from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

And, wait, what do the kids say? Hmmm. “I am here for all of it.”

The San Francisco Chronicle article about the now-viral Twitter claims the thread is “an absolute must read.”

I agree, and that goes double for any Shang-Chi or Marvel Cinematic Universe fans out there.

The Chronicle’s Kellie Hwang wrote:

Muni bus operator Mc “Mack” Allen is developing quite a fan following for his humorous reality check on the wild San Francisco bus scene in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

The thrilling 6-minute scene features a battle between Marvel superhero Shang-Chi, played by Simu Liu, and a group of adversaries and includes plenty of kicking, punching, and flying bodies as the bus races through the Stockton Tunnel and whizzes by Ghirardelli Square.

In a viral Twitter thread that has racked up more than 33,000 likes (and counting) and an enthusiastic response from Liu — as well as retweets from the likes of Mayor London Breed and state Sen. Scott Wiener — Allen takes readers on a meticulously crafted breakdown of the runaway San Francisco bus scene from the perspective of a bus driver.


Having never been to San Francisco, much of what “Left Coasters” would find funny about the scene remains lost on me. Much like an LA-native watching, oh, Good Will Hunting might miss the subtleties of the Boston moments.

Of course, many of those were filmed in Toronto, but I digress.

THE fight scene in Shang-Chi, which features Awkwafina prominently — and uses the actor perfectly in an apt homage to Speed — is amazing.

And beyond the comedy, the fight choreography was incredible.

“I enjoyed the scene tremendously,” said Mr. Allen to The Chronicle. “I thought it was incredibly fun.”

Of course, and thankfully, Mack added:

“I’ve never driven a bus that aggressively, and hope I never have to drive a bus that aggressively.

Check out the full article here. And find the thread here.

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