In the past 12 hours, Kevin Feige has been trending for his confirmation of Charlie Cox/Daredevil’s return to Marvel; however, while making rounds and doing additional interviews for Spider-Man: No Way Home he also teased that there are more announcements in the pipeline.

In an interview with Screen Rant he said:

There’ll be news. There’ll be various events. Obviously with the pandemic, the way we’ve announced things has changed and altered, and in some ways that’s been good, because it’s kept the focus on what’s next. It’s kept the focus on the projects as they come out, and certainly the anticipation for No Way Home, I would say, is as big as anything we’ve ever felt before, which is good timing as the movie’s about to come out.

A few months ago Studio VP Victoria Alonso confirmed that there were over 30 projects currently in various stages of development at Marvel – some of which we know of now, but most of which are still unknown.

The way Feige puts it though, it seems like the audience won’t have to wait too long for more info.

With Spider-Man: No Way Home being the last major MCU release in theaters until May and no clear window as to when the next crossover series will air on Disney+ after Hawkeye ends, it would make sense for fans to get more news early in the new year. Sadly, we’ll just have to wait and see.

SOURCE: Screen Rant

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