‘The Golden Girls’ Spin-Off ‘The Golden Palace’ Coming to Hulu in January

The Golden Girls is one of the most loved comedies of all time. Though some may not know that the show had a spin-off called The Golden Palace. Well, today, Hulu is going to introduce you to the show. The Disney-owned streamer announced the show will stream exclusively via Hulu starting January 10. 

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The Golden Palace begins where The Golden Girls had ended, in the quartet’s now-sold Miami house. With Dorothy Zbornak having married and left in the previous series finale, the three remaining housemates (Sophia Petrillo, Rose Nylund, and Blanche Devereaux) decide to invest in a Miami hotel that is for sale. The hotel, however, is revealed to have been stripped of all of its personnel in an effort to appear more profitable, leaving only two employees: Roland Wilson, the hotel’s manager; and Chuy Castillos, the hotel’s chef. This requires the new owners to perform all the tasks of the hotel’s staff.

The series focused on the interactions between guests at the hotel and the hotel’s staff, as well as between the women and the previous hotel staff. Guest stars were frequent, including recurring characters that had previously appeared on The Golden Girls, such as Debra Engle and Harold Gould as Rebecca Devereaux and Miles Webber, and other celebrities. Bea Arthur reprised her Dorothy Zbornak role for a two-part storyline in which she visits the hotel to check on her mother. Series costars include Don Cheadle, who played hotel manager Roland Wilson, and Cheech Marin as co-chef Roland Wilson.

The Golden Palace ran for only one season and was created by Susan Harris, aired its only season consisting of 24 episodes from 1992-1993 before it was canceled by CBS.

The entire The Golden Girls series is available to stream via Hulu now.

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