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Celebrating Indiana Jones Return to Walt Disney World

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Indiana Jones

Image: Disney Parks

Like the enormous forgotten expanse of a long-lost tomb, the pavilion that hosts the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular remained empty for nearly two years.

However, this week Indy, Marion, and the “film crew” returned to Walt Disney World to the cheers of capacity crowds.

So many folks were in the park that day, but our friends at Laughingplace did a great job getting footage of the entire show.

Firstly, check out that video below:

Secondly, even before the show’s opening, Disney Parks Blog was pumping up the hype on the return of Dr. Jones and his compatriots.

On YouTube, Disney teased:

Are you ready for that edge-of-your-seat suspenseful feeling you’ve come to love at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Well, get your hats and sense of adventure ready…

Ana Williams, Communications Manager at Walt Disney World resort, wrote, “Growing up, my favorite film was Raiders of the Lost Ark (I watched wearing the hat, whip and all!), so it’s no surprise that THIS cast member is just as thrilled as all of the cast and crew of ‘Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular’ to welcome the iconic show home once again.

“The cast has been rehearsing for weeks—stretching, jumping, and tumbling as they prepare for their epic return to the stage. One of my favorite parts of ‘Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular’ is the tumbling sequence in the market.

“It may look simple to the audience, but it is truly a work of art as every somersault, handspring, and backflip is skillfully choreographed with detail and precision.”

The Hype is Real

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Indiana Jone
Image: Disney Parks

Of course, Ana wasn’t the only writer or reporter excited for Indy’s return.

One of my favorites out of Florida, Ashley Carter, tweeted:

And then vlogger Kyle Pallo posted:

Finally, COVID precautions keep pushing back my own return to Walt Disney World, but I am happy to live vicariously.

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