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FWIW: Some of the Best Writing About Disney Comes from San Franciso

San Francisco

Image: Douglas Zimmerman/SFGate

If you love Disney Parks and you’re not reading, well, that’s just poor decision-making…

This is just a straight-up plug.

Beyond my beloved fellow denizens of TheDisInsider, the folks over at SFGate, especially Julie Tremaine and Katie Dowd, have the Disney beat on lock.

“Doubtful,” you say? “There’s no Disney in San Francisco,” you add.

Welp, you are wrong. [Pushes up reading glasses] Um actually, Lucasfilm and the Walt Disney Family Museum are there in San Fran. Pixar is in Emeryville, nearby.

And it just doesn’t matter.

Wander No More

Check out these topics:

Disneyland Park
Image: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort
Image: Disney+

And my favorite piece:

Read a little from Tremaine’s post from 2020:

It isn’t easy to find Walt Disney’s grave. Given how he valued his privacy and his home life, that’s probably by design. The site is tucked away in a corner that attracts the minimum of foot traffic, atop a hill in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, a place that highly values discretion… Ask where Judy Garland is buried in Hollywood Forever, and for $5, you’ll get a map pointing to her exact location. Ask where to find Walt Disney’s, and you will be politely handed a map of the property, but you won’t even get confirmation that he (or any other celebrity like Michael Jackson or Elizabeth Taylor) is interred there.

Read on, it’s a great story and the photos are excellent.

I Want To Be There…

Anyway, that’s the post. Just a sincere appreciation to the SFGate writers who tackle Disney and their entertaining and informative posts.

I am going to do this a little more often, too. So look for another plug about some good content — the writers I read — a little bit down the road.

However, for now, my heart (and browser) are on

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