The Silhouettes From The Climax Of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Revealed!

**********MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW**********

Now, if you’ve seen Spider-Man: No Way Home, then you know that there are several reasons to love the film’s climax.

There’s also one very big reason to be frustrated with it.

After all of the final battles between the three variant Spider-Men and the film’s core five villains, just as Doctor Strange attempts to undo the spell that cracked open the multiverse in the first, there is a brief sequence where the sky opens up and reveals the silhouettes of several mysterious characters.

While it’s established early on by Strange that the only characters who could even crossover are characters that Pete Parker would know or have run-ins within other realities, the door is left wide open – figuratively speaking. In what is easily the film’s biggest tease, numerous possibilities are introduced all at once.

The sequence happens so quickly that most moviegoers might have actually missed some of its coolest reveals.

Thanks to TikTok user kevinmoranrob, however, fans don’t have to wait until the film comes out on Blu-Ray to go back and pause it frame-by-frame – at least not for the most prominent characters anyway.

In a video uploaded to the social media site, he revisits the sequence and points out six very well-known associates of Spider-Man that might literally blow your mind.

You can check out the video down below.

Despite the poor quality, you can clearly see the likes of Kraven the Hunter, Black Cat, and even a comic-accurate version of the Rhino, among others.

Of all the fan service the film offers, this brief moment is easily up there as one of the best. And we’re sure that there are even more characters that have yet to be properly identified.

Currently, Spider-Man: No Way Home is sitting at the top of the box office thrown, not only as the highest-grossing film of 2021, but the highest-grossing film since the beginning of the pandemic, as well as the first film to join the Billion Dollar Club since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

If you’d like to see if you can spot more heroes or villains in the sequence yourself, Spider-Man: No Way Home is still playing in theaters now.


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