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Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Revamp Could Potentially Include Black Knight

While it wasn’t an the most obvious cameo, Mahershala Ali’s Blade did appear in the post-credit scene for Marvel’s Eternals.

In case you missed it, he had a brief, off-screen interaction with Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman, and warned him against using the Ebony Blade right as he was about to draw it.

What happens next is a mystery, but it is a moment that will surely be explored in a future MCU project. Thanks to a recent interview did with the VFX supervisor for Eternals, however, we now have a much better idea of when to expect that reunion.

Speaking in regards to the Ebony Blade specifically, VFX maestro Stephane Ceretti confirmed that it would play a much larger role in the upcoming Blade film. Considering Whitman’s association and attachment to the mystical item, that means it’d be smart to assume that he’ll also appear in the film in some capacity.

Even though anything is possible, don’t expect the two to be fighting side by side, or rather Blade by Blade, just yet.

Now, although Moon Knight seems to be the next supernatural installment in Marvel’s catalogue, and it would sense for Dane and whichever alter ego the hero will be moonlighting as to cross paths, but because the timeline of the series is currently unknown, we’ll actually have to wait and see what happens.

At the very least, we know we’ll see a werewolf.


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