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C3PO “Suits” Up?

Antony Daniels

Anthony Daniels shows off his new mo-cap suit….

In terms of his donning the droid parts of C-3PO, Anthony Daniels almost didn’t.

However, as he looked at a rendering of the robot, Daniels was struck by the character’s look.

“I fell in love with the face — fell in love is an easy, but not quite the right word. I was entranced by the face,” said Daniels as he promoted both his book (I Am C-3PO) and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


“He had a forlorn quality,” continued Anthony.

“It was as though he was lost. He wanted to come and take my hand. There was something there that clicked.”

Anthony Daniels

Similarly, Daniels’ face can do the same thing; that’s especially so when that face seems to signal C-3PO’s return to the screen.

Luckily, Star Wars fans recently got a look at Daniels, who posted a photo of himself clad — not in his familiar gold garb — but a motion capture suit: “Oh my!”

However, Daniels was played coy with what exactly he was doing, although hashtags like #ealingstudios, #c3po, #iamc3po, and #starwars do get imaginations going.

What Story Is Coming?

Looking at the clues,’s Miguel Fernandez explained:

George Lucas and C-3PO on Star Tours. Image: Disney.

At this point, it just makes sense that this is indeed A Droid Story, but in no way has it been confirmed. We haven’t seen much of Daniels as C-3PO in a performance capture suit, so it probably makes sense that they are bringing him into an animated project that will push the boundaries of the medium.


Moreover, A Droid Story was teased by Kathleen Kennedy during 2020’s Disney Investor Day. Meanwhile, it was good to see C-3PO’s alter ego back at work no matter what Daniels was doing.

“Oh my!” Indeed.

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