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‘Under Wraps 2’ and ‘The Naughty Nine’ Confirmed For Disney+/Disney Channel

Back in December we revealed that Disney is working on a sequel to their first remake of a Disney Channel Original Movie, Under Wraps. Today, the studio confirmed the news and the title, Under Wraps 2. The studio is also working on a a new holiday heist title The Naughty Nine.

Under Wraps 2 picks up as Amy is preparing for her father’s Spooktacular Halloween-themed wedding to his fiancé Carl. However, plans soon go awry when Amy, Gilbert and Marshall discover that their mummy friend Harold and his beloved Rose may be in danger. Sobek, an evil mummy with a thousand-year-old grudge against his best friend-turned-bitter rival Harold, is unexpectedly awakened and out for revenge. With help from his hypnotized lackey Larry, Sobek kidnaps Rose, and Amy, Gilbert, Marshall, Buzzy and Harold must use their skills once again to save her and get back in time to attend the wedding.

Director Alex Zamm is returning to helm the project, with the core cast returning including Christian J. Simon (Sydney to the Max), Malachi Barton (Stuck in the Middle), Sophia Hammons (The Social Dilemma), and Phil Wright as Harold. Melanie Brook, T.J. Storm, Rryla McIntosh, Jordan Conley and Adam Wylie also join the cast.  Executive producers are Todd Y. Murata and Fernando Szew. The Disney Channel Original Movie will be produced by MarVista Entertainment. The first movie is streaming on Disney+ now.

The Naughty Nine, directed by Alberto Belli and written by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas. The movie is being developed by Disney+ and will joining Noelle and the upcoming Santa Clause series’ as new holiday titles for the streamer.

The official log line is as follows: “‘The Naughty Nine’ is a holiday heist movie — think ‘Ocean’s 11’ at the North Pole — that follows fifth grader Andy, who has been a bit of a troublemaker this year. When Christmas morning rolls around and Andy gets stiffed by Santa, he realizes he’s on the “naughty list.” Feeling unfairly maligned, Andy pulls together a crack team of fellow “naughty listers” to execute an elaborate heist to get the presents he and the others feel they deserve. The determined ensemble includes Dulce, Andy’s best friend and archery expert; North Pole conspiracy theorist Lewis; daredevil “wheel woman” Ha-Yoon; animal whisperer Rose; master-of-disguise Jon Anthony; adorable charmer Albert; and Andy’s older sister, Laurel, a talented gymnast seeking to regain her confidence. Andy also enlists the help of Bruno, a disgruntled cargo pilot who claims to have witnessed Santa’s sleigh. However, in the process of finding their gifts, the gang begins to realize that Christmas is more about giving than taking.

The upcoming Disney holiday TV movie will feature Winslow Fegley, Camila Rodriguez, Anthony John Joo, Clara Stack, Imogen Cohen, Madilyn Kellam and Deric McCable. Executive producers are Suzanne Todd, Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas.

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