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Dermot Mulroney Reportedly Cast as the President of the United States in ‘Secret Invasion’

It looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe has cast a new President of the United States. After William Sadler played President Ellis in both Iron Man 3 and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., subsequent series (most notably the second season of Luke Cage) referenced the Trump administration as the current sitting President of the MCU.

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However, it looks like the MCU will be introducing a new fictitious President in Secret Invasion, and he will be played by New Girl actor Dermot Mulroney. From a leaked set photograph on Instagram by @the_insta_phills, Mulroney will be playing President Ritson, as we see him on a newspaper photograph with Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes AKA War Machine, to which it says “President Ritson in London for Emergency Talks.”

So not only will Mulroney appear as the President, but an MCU veteran will also be in the series in some capacity. It’s certainly interesting to see a leaked set photo of Secret Invasion signaling the return of a fan-favorite character, as it’s clear that Marvel is hiding quite a bit from a crossover series that could contain lots of surprising returns. And I’m even willing to bet that Ritson may even be a Skrull since Kevin Feige teased the “political paranoia” aspect of the series. Now that would add an interesting twist to the story.

Source: @the_insta_phills

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