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Employees Plan Walkout at WDW on Tuesday

Walt Disney World Resort (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Cast members continue to protest Disney’s response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill…

The action looks to highlight the need for action in regard to Disney’s financial support of candidates who support anti-LGBTQIA+ initiatives.

Meanwhile, employees continue to reel in the aftermath of Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s reaction to the controversy.

Last week, organizers told Yahoo:

“It’s been a lot of words with little action… While they’ve implemented some employee training and small ERGs [Employee Resource Groups], nothing structural has been announced. The ball is in their court. The workers at Disney feel a need to make their voices heard, and they’re doing so.”

Yahoo explained that initial walkouts would happen leading up to a major walkout on March 22.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park

Today, WESH 2 in Central Florida spoke with an employee who confirmed the walkout would move forward on Tuesday.

“[Chapek] says he’s sorry,” said one cast member identifying themselves as Nicholas. “Well then mean it, continue to fight for us and stand with us and not donate anymore at all. Not just a pause, but a complete shutdown of any future donations to any candidate or campaign that stands against the LGBTQ community.”

Meanwhile, the rhetoric continues to be heated, as evidenced by tweets posted in the last hour.

Perhaps the most important part of the above is the sentence, “These are the Mickey pins that Disney themselves sells.”

If true, that would certainly put a spotlight on the hypocrisy noted by employees, fans, and media members over the last several weeks.

Moreover, WESH added:

  • Disney cast members WESH 2 spoke with said their online portal showed a virtual event scheduled for Monday to discuss the “Don’t Say Gay” bill with LGBTQ employees and allies.
  • But now their portal shows the event is happening Tuesday, the same day as the walkout.

As of the posting, Disney had not yet contacted WESH with a response regarding the above.

This is a developing story, so keep it here for the latest from Florida.

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