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The 5 Hottest Disney Dads to Celebrate This Father’s Day

Some men are fathers. But others are daddies. And some… are Disney Daddies. So, to celebrate Father’s Day let’s showcase five of the hottest dads from Disney movies.


  • This list isn’t in any particular order.
  • I only included 5 due to time.
  • This list is for FUN. So, please don’t take it seriously.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric. Prince Eric. Prince Eric. Some say he’s very generic looking, but I completely disagree. He can sail a ship, he’s got a hot bod, and he can play the flute… the instrument that is 😏.

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Not my cup of tea since he’s – well – you know – a lion. But many of my friends have told me that Adult Simba is hot so I had to include him on the list… or maybe I need new friends?

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Tiana’s dad from The Princess and the Frog is a dream guy.

Hardworking? Check. Passionate? Check. Loving? Oh, double-check. We may only spend one scene with him at the beginning of the movie, but his appearance is one I remember vividly.

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Pedro Madrigal

We only spent one emotional montage with Pedro that ends with [ENCANTO SPOILER ALERT] his disappearance. But the few moments we do spend with him we can see he is loving, compassionate, and of course – pretty d*rn hot.

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Scott Lang

Scott Lang as played by Paul Rudd… honestly, that’s all I need to say.

Honourable Mentions

Thor the God of Thunder

Although not a Dad in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is certainly a Daddy and therefore deserves a spot somewhere on this list. If you disagree, not only are you wrong but he is celebrating father’s day in some Marvel universes (depending on the comic), so technically

The DisInsider Daddies

How could I make this list and not include The DisInsider editors? A.K.A The DisInsider Daddies. The Daddies above all daddies. They remind me of a quote from William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet: “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.

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