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Disneyland Debuts ‘Human’ Buzz Lightyear Meet and Greet Character

For years you have been able to snap a picture with Buzz Lightyear at many Disney Parks around the world. However, you have never been able to meet the REAL Buzz Lightyear, until now. That’s right, the Buzz Lightyear who stars in the brand new film Lightyear and inspired the toy from Toy Story is now at Disneyland.

This new Buzz is a face character, meaning that you can see the actor’s face instead of just a mold like Mickey or the toy version of Buzz. Although it does seem a little jarring at first, Buzz will likely be a hit with guests as he is able to actually talk and interact with them. He will be patrolling around Tomorrowland with some tweets below showing Buzz interacting with some guests and asking for intel for Star Command.

Disneyland has been killing it with walk-around characters recently. Avengers Campus receives new characters for every new Marvel project including most recently Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel. Boba Fett also recently landed on Battu and the Mandalorian will soon follow.

Lightyear is now in theaters. You can read our review of the film here: ‘Lightyear’ Review: A Total Blast Despite The Generic Plot