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Raiders of the Lost Park (Merch)

Indiana Jones gear to return to Disney Parks…

Last time into Walt Disney World, I stopped by the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, only to be locked out – literally.

It was closed up tight. Peering in, you could stacks of boxes, but not much else.

Now, we might know why.

Legendary Merch

Today, Lyssa Hurvitz of Disney Parks Blog posted:

Hold onto your hats – new Indiana Jones-inspired merchandise is coming soon to Disney Parks and shopDisney… Creating these collectible versions of some of Indy’s greatest discoveries was an adventure in itself.

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“To make sure these items were as authentic as possible, we reviewed the film props from the Lucasfilm Archives to study size, reference details, capture 3D scans, and more in order to recreate them into collectible items,” said Cody Hampton, Senior Manager, Brand Merchandising. “We also try to anticipate features that fans would expect from these replicas, so we added a light-up feature to the Sankara Stone, as well as the Crystal Skull.”

Hey, Wait A Minute…

So, dipping into my Indiana Jones geekdom, I remembered that Lucasfilm posted about a collection of Raiders of the Lost Ark 40th Anniversary merchandise.


I’ll bet these are part of that collection (perhaps unable to be filled on time due to COVID).

Either way, there’s not much available as of yet.

But hey, that shirt is pretty nice.

Now, if we can get this beauty back into Walt Disney World.

The Ark of the Covenant in the late, great “Great Movie Ride.” Image: John Bishop.

Fortune and glory, kids. Fortune and glory.

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