There Was Almost Another Knight In Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are already knee deep in its latest chapter, Ms. Marvel; however, there’s still a lot of buzz brewing for its last made-for-TV adventure Moon Knight, especially as Emmy season approaches.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with DiscussingFilm, series creator Jeremy Slater offered some new and interesting details about the show’s production.

Although it was previously revealed that there were plans for some Eternals to cameo in the series, Slater not only confirmed the idea but also elaborated on one other idea he and the writers toyed with before cameras rolled.

He said, “One of the most fun things to discuss in a writer’s room, [you ask] ‘What happens if we try to get Chris Evans back as old Captain America?’ You know, you sit there and play that ‘What if?’ game among your writers.”

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Slater went on to explains that Dane Whitman was seriously considered for the series, and that there similar backgrounds would have made it easy to connect him with Steven Grant. He said there were plans to have them working at “the same museum.”

As for the reason it didn’t happen? He said, “There was never any logical reason for him to be in the show. As a Marvel fan, I would be frustrated if Dane showed up for another cameo and it didn’t progress his story or give us any teasers for the Black Knight.”

While a Black Knight appearance would have been awesome, it actually makes sense for the character to not cross paths with Moon Knight because when fans last saw him he was being courted by Blade to join a totally different side of Marvel’s supernatural sect. That’s where we at The DisInsider expect to see him next.

SOURCE: DiscussingFilm

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