Howard Stern Leaks Potential Doctor Doom Project In The Works At Marvel

Howard Stern is probably most known for his iconic voice and reputation as a radio personality. But could he be branching out into the movies?

During a recent post-show meeting for his syndicated Sirius XM talk show, Stern’s mic was accidentally left on. Even though he and the others believed that the commercials were playing, listeners could actually hear a decent amount of the conversation.

While these kind of debriefings can be boring, in this particular one, Stern said something that might catch even the most casual comic book fan off guard.

Through the obnoxiously loud commercials, you can clearly hear Stern having a conversation about his Summer plans with co-host Robin Quivers. When she asks him if he’s going to be doing any additional work this Summer, he can be heard saying “I’m going to do Doctor Doom.”

Thanks to Twitter user @WashedUpTweeter, who posted this particular excerpt from the live broadcast to his account, you can listen to it for yourself down below.

As you can hear, shortly after he hilariously states that he’s “not f***king happy about it” and also says the experience will probably be comparable to his stint on America’s Got Talent. The rest of the conversation gets a little lost in the loudness, but if you listen closely you can certainly hear him name drop both Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau. While whatever he’s talking about is one giant random question mark, it couldn’t be any clearer that there is some sort of Doctor Doom project in the cards at Marvel.

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Here’s the thing though: while it is possible he’s referring to Marvel Studios, Marvel is a massive company. He could be talking about providing his voice for a video game character, or an audiobook for a Doctor Doom Marvel Comics project. Because Stern never explicitly says he’ll be playing the character, all we know is that he’s simply involved in in a Doctor Doom project.

The information even seemed to perplex industry insider KC Walsh. In a tweet reacting to the “leak”, he provided his own theory.

Now, for nearly three years there has been a vicious rumor that Doctor Doom would be making an appearance in the upcoming Black Panther sequel Wakanda Forever. If this is the project he’s referring too, could he be shooting some (very secret) last minute scenes for that? At this point anything is possible, but we’ll all just have to keep our eyes and ears open over the next few weeks to see if any other info is revealed.

SOURCES: Howard Stern, @WashedUpTweeter, KC Walsh

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