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Martin Klebba Casually Confirms Role In Disney’s Live Action ‘Snow White’

Nearly two years ago we reported on a rumor about Pirates of the Caribbean star Martin Klebba playing a key role in Disney’s live action ‘Snow White’ remake. Today, not only do we have confirmation of Klebba’s involvement in the project, but we also know who he’s going to be playing.

In a video recorded at Denver’s annual Fan Expo, the actor not only confirmed that he’s appearing in the film. He flat out confirmed who he would be playing too: Grumpy.

Don’t believe us? You can check out the video for yourself, courtesy of Fan Expo HQ down below!

Courtesy of FanExpoHQ

Whether Klebba was supposed to reveal this much so soon remains to be seen, but now fans can rest easy knowing that at least know one of the characters who’ll be helping Snow White in the film…but that also raises the question: who will play the other six?

Who else do you think could be appearing alongside Klebba? Before you sound off below, remember that the dwarves are being replaced by mythical creatures in this version of the film, so casting might not be as rigid as it has been in previous productions.

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Now, as Klebba mentioned in the video above, he just finished working on the film. You might recall rumors that recently began to surface about production being near completion, especially when co-star Gal Gadot posted a photo on Instagram suggesting she had finished shooting her scenes. Klebba’s statement implies that the film might still be in development.

Regardless of when filming finishes however, the project is sure to have a long post-production process. This is mostly due to the fact that Snow White’s dwarf companions from the original film will be replaced by new, magical creatures.

Disney has yet to give Snow White an official release date but is expected to debut sometime next year, following The Little Mermaid.

Zegler, hot off West Side Story stars as the iconic Disney Princess, alongside Andrew Burnap as Jonathan, a new character created for the film, and Gadot‘s Evil Queen.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man films), while Marc Platt (La La Land) will produce. La La Land‘s Benj Pasek and Justin Paul will also be working on providing the music for the film, reportedly helping to expand on the story and score from the original classic.


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