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REPORT: Bob Iger Says He Regrets Naming Bob Chapek As Successor

Another week, another insane story centered around Disney CEO Bob Chapek. In a new report from Business Insider (no relation to The DisInsider), former Disney CEO Bob Iger calls the hiring of Bob Chapek to CEO his worst business decision.

Bob Iger was set to walk away from the role of CEO on good terms, as he appointed Bob Chapek to the role, that was until the COVID-19 pandemic halted those plans. Forcing Iger to make some moves. The pandemic forced Iger to stay on board with the transition to help Chapek navigate through COVID. Iger reportedly had Jay Rasulo and Tom Staggs lined as successors until both departed before Iger. This led to Iger pushing for Chepek to take over the role. The Board reportedly wanted Iger to name Chapek as COO until he was ready to fully leave the company, but Iger insisted.

Following his appointment of Chapek, Iger reportedly had regrets about the move. Iger has watched Chapek struggle with talent, including the public Scarlet Johansson and Emma Stone contract disputes, as well as his handling of public situations including Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, a move Iger would speak on. Business Insider goes on to say that Iger has called Chapek a “Novice” while trying to handle these situations and says he believes Chapek is not thinking of other’s opinions, calling him “arrogant” and “uninterested”

Iger is still praying and wishes the best for Chapek and The Walt Disney Company. Last month, the board of directors extended Chapek’s CEO deal for another 3 years. That means that despite Iger’s dissatisfaction with his performance so far, Chapek likely isn’t going anywhere soon.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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