Ghost Rider Spotted In Latest Featurette For Marvel’s ‘She-Hulk’

In exactly three weeks, She-Hulk finally enters the MCU with her own show – aptly titled She-Hulk: Attorney At Law – on Disney+. While Kevin Feige previously teased that we could see the character cross paths with several other heroes in the show, I don’t think fans could have seen this particular cameo coming.

In a new featurette released exclusively by Entertainment Tonight, there is tons of new footage. But, as BSL thankfully pointed out, if you pause exactly at 1:51, in a scene showing Wong coming through a portal to fight someone (or something), a poster can be seen in the lower left corner. That poster, while a bit blurry, seems to read the name Jonny Blaze.

A variation of the spelling used in the comics, that is no doubt a reference to the character Ghost Rider. The fact that the person in the poster also appears to be a showman aligns with the character being a stuntman in the comics before becoming the Spirit of Vengeance.

Now, there is a chance this could just be a fun little Easter egg that means nothing. The fact that the name looks a little off leads me to lean that way. But given that we don’t know the context of Wong’s fight (who he’s up against, why he’s in that locations specifically, etc.), there is a possibility the character makes his debut in the series. We already know that Daredevil is set to make an appearance. And there’s even a crazy rumor about Howard the Duck rearing his bill at some point.

With the growing amount of supernatural characters in the MCU, Ghost Rider’s arrival is inevitable. And the timing of Ryan Gosling’s recent comments about wanting to play the character only make it feel even more likely he’ll show up soon.

We’ll just have to wait and see. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hits Disney+ August 17th!

SOURCES: ET, Big Screen Leaks

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