Oscar Isaac & Mohamed Diab Tease The Return Of Moon Knight

It’s been nearly 3 months since the final episode of Moon Knight premiered on Disney Plus. And while it’s unclear what’s next for the hero – or where he will show up next next – series star Oscar Isaac may have just given fans a big clue.

A recent TikTok video, uploaded by user hayaattiaaa, shows series star Oscar Isaac and director Mohamed Diab hanging out in Egypt. It’s not just the fact that the two seem to randomly scouting the country, but rather what Isaac say when asked about a season two.

“Why else would we be in Cairo,” Isaac casually answers. Diab, on the other hand, looks at the camera confused. But he’s actually posted the video on his personal Twitter account with the caption “Moon Knight Season 2?”

You can check out the video yourself down below!

While it’s very possible both Isaac and Diab could be trolling, they could also be telling the truth and count on fans be skeptical about their response. Regardless if Isaac is messing with our emotions, there is more than enough space for a second season of Moon Knight on Marvel’s upcoming slate. When revealed at San Diego Comic-Con last month, it appeared that there were a handful of dates still left to be claimed by projects in development.

Whether or not a second season of Moon Knight actually ends up sliding into one remains to be seen. Perhaps we’ll learn more next month at D23!

All episodes of Moon Knight are currently available to stream on Disney+.


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