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Percy Jackson Star Spotted In Vancouver

As production continues on the Disney+ show, Walker Scobell was seen traversing the Capilano Suspension Bridge…

In case you’ve never been, Vancouver, British Columbia, and the surrounding area are gorgeous. I was able to do a bit of sightseeing when I covered the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Vancouver remains a spot I’d love to take my family to someday. So, I highly recommend adding the city to your bucket list.

Meanwhile, it’s no surprise to me to see the stars of productions filmed in the Canadian Northwest out and about during off moments. The way the city is laid out, it’s easy to find yourself in a beautiful location whether you are walking or driving about.

My favorite spot in Stanley Park. Image:

However, recently, one intrepid outlet — the Walker Scobell Fanpage — posted what looks to be a photo of Percy, Walker himself (and his mom?), enjoying some scenery.

@walkerscobellfp has acquired the first photos of Walker on the set of PJO in British Columbia,” posted the page. “[W]alker and the crew were filming [P]ercy [J]ackson in the mountains of [C]anada today and they were all wearing orange [C]amp [H]alfblood shirts and the leather shin guards.”

Great get. Awesome pic. Kudos.

Great Pic. Set Leak?

That said, I am not sure that Mr. Scobell was “on set” at the moment of the photo.

Yes, I do see the leather shin guards and the t-shirt. But I also see Walker walking in a well-traveled tourist location, surrounded by non-crew members.

Not Disney’s M.O.

  • So, is Scobell in Vancouver? Yep.
  • Is he wearing a costume? Maybe.

It could also just be a crew shirt or a favorite top. After all, Walter was shown wearing a Camp Halfblood t-shirt while getting the news of his casting from Rick and Becky Riordan.


For the shin guards (assuming that’s what they are), I have less of an explanation. But maybe Walter is simply walking to or from a set (having forgotten to take off the wardrobe)?

Mrs. Riordan also lends some credence to the idea that this is just a happy photographic accident with her tweet about a recent leak.

In any case, we’re happy to see Walker enjoying his time in Vancouver.

Moreover, no news from Rick & Co. is good news – it simply means that work continues, and any updates will come at a much slower pace as Disney takes over the promotion and PR of the upcoming series.

Blonde Percy

And, on a related note, I can’t picture this actor in anything besides his shaggy long blonde hair.

Text be damned. So, count me among those who don’t care about the minutiae and are more excited about seeing the story play out under the watchful eyes of the Riordans.

If Rick is happy, so am I. Rock the blonde locks, Walker.

Incidentally, if you want to visit this spot next time in VanCity, check out this page.

Go Bruins!

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