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RUMOR: Disney Developing 2D Animated Film Based On French Fairy Tale ‘Bluebeard’

We’re literally days away from this year’s D23 Expo. Although we expect to receive some awesome news and exciting updates about Disney’s future projects at the event, we at The DisInsider have obtained some interesting information about one project that may or may not be announced.

Now, to be totally transparent, we couldn’t enough confirmation on the following info to run it as an exclusive, but we thought it would still be fun to share which is why we’re opting to run it as a rumor. So it goes without saying that everything below should be taken with a grain of salt.

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From what we’ve heard, Disney is currently working on a 2D animated film based on the French folktale Bluebeard.

That’s not all. Apparently, Academy Award winner Jennifer Lee (Frozen) is involved, but it’s unclear if she’ll strictly direct, write, or produce. Since taking on the role of Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2018, she hasn’t done much directing, so it would be interesting to see if this project would bring her back to the chair.

Unfortunately, it’s also unclear when the studio is planning to release the film, but if the info we received about the “Princess and the Pea” project is also true, that means the film may be scheduled for sometime in 2024.

Now, once again, there’s also a chance some of this info is wrong – but hopefully, Disney will offer some official clarification at their animation panel next week.

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For those unfamiliar with the fairy tale, Bluebeard revolves around a wealthy man with a blue beard who has married several times, but kills all his wives so that he can inherit their fortune. When he begins to court two young sisters, everything changes.

While it is pretty dark source material, that has never stopped Disney before. If this news is true and the company is adapting the story, we’re eager to see how the company will put a positive and progressive on it.

Stay tuned for more fun and exciting rumors like this one that we’ll be sharing leading up until the Expo!

And be sure to find us there too! The DisInsider will be in attendance and will have a booth during the event. Make sure to stop by for photo ops, games, goodies, and so much more!

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