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SEE IT: The Thing, Cyclops, And More Make Their MCU Debut In Latest ‘She-Hulk’ Episode

You might recall a couple of months ago that we shared a rumor on The DisInsider Show about The Thing potentially making his very first appearance in Marvel’s She-Hulk.

Although the character has yet to physically appear in the show, in the latest episode, he did appear in the form of a very cleverly placed Easter egg.

Now, one of this episode’s subplots revolved around Josh Segarra’s character Pug being a “sneaker-head” and wanting to secure the latest pair of shoes designed after the late Tony Stark. During the episode’s animated post-credit sequence, however, fans were given a glimpse at the character’s entire collection.

The exhibit, while brief, features clear proof of Pug’s sneaker addiction, but it also shows other shoes he owns which are designed after notable superheroes.

One of those heroes is The Thing. But that Fantastic Four tease is just the tip of the iceberg. If you look closer at the image, you can see illusions to other yet-to-be-introduced characters such as Cyclops, Deadpool, and Doctor Doom.

Because so many of the animated images shown during the credits of the series often echo and expand upon moments in the show, technically it can be accepted as canon. There will be those who argue that this tiny moment shouldn’t count because it comes across as more of a joke or because it wasn’t delivered in live-action. Personally, I think that it’s as valid as a brief glimpse of a heroes helmet.

Now, with only 4 episodes left, there is still a chance our rumor might be revealed as true. Even if it’s not, however, this simple bit is still somewhat satisfying. We look forward to seeing what other fun cameos the show has in store.

What did you think of these Easter eggs? Sound off below!

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