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Chloé Zhao Signs First Look Deal for Searchlight Television

After working with Marvel Studios on Eternals and Searchlight Pictures on the Best Picture winning Nomadland, Chloé Zhao is back with Disney and 20th Century Studios. According to Deadline, Zhao recently signed a first look deal with Searchlight Television. She will likely be developing series for Hulu as well as the possibility of Disney+ shows.

Zhao is no stranger to The Walt Disney Company after working with them on both of her most recent films. She is also rumored to return for an unconfirmed sequel to Marvel Studios’ Eternals. Her directing style was a highlight for many and she has expressed interest to return to the MCU. However, if she is focusing on Television at the moment, this could mean that the Eternals sequel is a while away, or she is not involved at all.

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What are your thoughts on Zhao returning to Searchlight? Should she return for an Eternals sequel as well? Let us know below!

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