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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Under Wraps 2’ Star Melanie Brook Talks About Adding New Monsters Into The Mix, A Third Film & More! (INTERVIEW)

Twenty-five years ago the Disney Channel debuted its very first original movie called Under Wraps. Despite being considered a classic by some, last year the film was rebooted by the network in the hopes of capturing a brand new audience. And it was successful. I mean, why else would there be a sequel coming out this weekend?

Now, last year The DisInsider’s very own Dempsey Pillot also had the pleasure of sitting down to discuss the film with one of the its stars, Melanie Brook. In the interview, the two discussed the possibility of a sequel, as well as the film’s incredibly fun production and other DCOMs potentially destined for reboots.

This year, Dempsey got the chance to do it all again. And this time around, one of the first questions he asked Melanie was about the honor of returning to star in a non-musical Disney Channel sequel. Acknowledging how rare the honor was, and expressing her gratitude, Brook said, “You never expect a sequel to happen. Like that is a very rare thing. Especially with the Disney Channel Original Movie [and] especially with the Disney Channel Original Movie that’s not a musical.”

To date, only a handful of non-musical DCOMs have been fortunate enough to receive sequels. They include Zenon, Halloweentown, and Horse Sense. “The odds weren’t in our favor,” she added. “So when we got that call, it was incredibly exciting.”

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When asked if she had any faith in a third Under Wraps film, unlike the last time, Brook didn’t hesitate to share her opinion. “I’m going to say yes, just for manifestation sake,” she said. “By no means am I confirming that [it’s happening]. As far as I know, at this moment, there are no plans for third. But you know, at this time last year, there are no plans for a second. So we don’t know; fingers are crossed.”

She went on to speculate what fans could see in a third film too. “I can only imagine, if there is a third, there’ll be more mummies” she said.” Maybe even more creatures outside of mummies. Yeah, I think I think the more other worldly creatures, the better.”

Considering how the ZOMBIES franchise did by adding new monsters in every installment, Brook’s speculation could hold some weight.

Now, on the subject of what her fans can expert from her character in the sequel, Brook said, “[You] can expect a lot more Buzzy. As you saw in the first movie, Buzzy was sort of like an outside force guiding the kids through their journey. This time, she’s very much in it with the kids. She is on the adventure. She is there every step of the way.”

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Brook also spoke about her excitement to attend the World Premiere of the film this weekend in Disneyland California, calling it one of the “greatest honors” of her career so far.

Speaking about how joining the Disney community has changed her life over the last year, Brook also said, “It’s just been a dream come true.” As she recalled growing up as a theater kid in New York City she confessed, “Dreaming of being on Disney, or involved in the Disney universe ,was such a big thing to me that it didn’t even cross my mind. So the fact that this is now my life is is so awesome. I’m grateful for it every day.”

You can listen to the full interview below!

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Under Wraps 2 premieres exclusively on the Disney Channel this Sunday, September 25th. It will drop on Disney+ alongside Hocus Pocus 2 on September 30th.

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