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EXCLUSIVE: Bertie Gregory On His ‘Epic’ New Disney+ Series, Up-Close Encounters With Endangered Species & More! (Interview)

National Geographic is notorious for its focus on both adventure and wildlife. In the new Disney+ series Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory, however, the two are beautifully and brilliantly combined.

A behind-the-scenes docuseries that feels like a cross between David Attenborough and the Indiana Jones franchise, Epic Adventures takes viewers around the world and introduces them to a wide variety of nature’s animals, places, and conditions.

Now, in an exclusive interview with our very own Dempsey Pillot, Bertie Gregory sat down to discuss the series, as well as the difficulties and dangers that accompanied its production.

From swimming with sharks to visiting an island that looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park, the series will appeal to the adventurer in everybody. Gregory explained that he wanted to use the series to find common ground between those who love to watch animals and those who are curious as to what happens behind the scenes. He said:

So much goes on in the shoots that never makes it on TV because, you know, we’re focused on the animals... So I thought, ‘Okay, we need to combine the two here.’ And I think, also, the format allows us to talk about the bigger environmental threats that these animals face, and also the amazing people that are already doing great work to solve those problems.”

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Unlike most other shows on National Geographic’s block, he hopes to do more than just educate audiences though. He believes that his show is a profound reminder at how much beauty there still is in the world and how resilient nature can be. He added,

“I’d hope that the viewer comes away from from this series, just stoked on how awesome the natural world is right. But then beyond that, I hope they become aware of some of the challenges that the natural world faces and why that’s a Yeah, that’s something that we humans should care about. And then I think the big thing is, is just that, you know, it’s recognizing that wildlife can make these amazing comebacks, and the natural world is in big trouble. But if we give it the chance, now, the natural world will bounce back.”

In the interview, Gregory also shares that the show isn’t just a one-off. A second season is already in development that he promises to be much bigger.

To hear more, listen to the full interview down below!

All episodes of Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory are available to stream on Disney+ now.

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